…recharge with more life energy

…get more clarity

…open your inner potential

…learn meditation with experienced trainers, which is easier

…experience recreation, nature, adventure together with like-minded people

…be challenged right on your level of your yoga practice, no matter if you are beginner or advanced



modern meditation


healthy nutrition / detox

adventure & nature

healing mantra music


The entire retreat is a combination of ancient knowledge, meditation, yoga, mantra singing, activities, healthy nurition and relaxation…

1. Start of the day:
morning yoga and meditation in nature with live music.

2. Superfood Breakfast:
The food is perfectly attuned to have a high energy level for the day. You will learn a lot about nutrition and get tips and tricks on how to prepare healthy food at home..

3. Masterclass and Adventure:
Every day you get knowledge, techniques, yoga and meditation to enjoy a fulfilling life. We go on different trips together and meditate in nature, by the sea or while hiking.


4. Free Time:
You can explore the sea, the nature or the surrounding area such as Málaga city on your own.

5. Superfood Dinner:
You will be spoiled with light, delicious food (lactose-free and gluten-free). We are happy to provide recipes and tips that you can try at home.

6. Sunset-Meditation:
The evening-meditation let us balance the impressions of the day and prepares for a restful sleep.

7. Chill-Out:
We spend time together in the wonderful garden of the Retreat Center, watching the starry sky, sharing experiences and listening to gorgeous live music. Of course, you are free to do whatever you wish!


Not every body is the same.

So there is no general formula for the perfect nutrition. But there is energy food that will help you to experience more life energy and joy. Our food is prepared vegan and vital.

Look forward to daily cold-pressed juices, detox smoothies and more!


There are different rates. If you are interested, then feel free to contact us with a personal message to us

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